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Menopause care you can trust

Stella is a virtual clinic for menopause support offering everything you need to manage your symptoms, on your own terms. Get started with our online assessment to build your personalized care plan.

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Personalized menopause relief

Each person’s menopause experience is unique and there is no one size fits all approach. We support you to feel better through a combination of lifestyle change and prescription treatment. As your symptoms change, so does your care.

  • Virtual appointments with clinicians
  • App-based support from menopause coaches
  • Lifestyle change plan to help your symptoms
  • Online group coaching, events, library & workouts
  • FDA approved treatments, such as menopause hormone therapy

Symptom-specific treatment

How it works

Complete your assessment

Tell us your symptoms and medical history so we can assess your menopause stage and recommend treatments right for you.

Get your personalized lifestyle plan

Download the Stella app, start your plan, and learn proven techniques to improve your symptoms and long-term health. Chat to in-app coaches trained in psychology & menopause support, and track your progress.

Medical review & ongoing support

Our medical team checks your assessment to see which treatments may help your symptoms, including hormone therapy (HT). Medications are optional if you are eligible.

See what treatments are right for you

Menopause and women’s health specialists

Meet our clinical team

You may need a free online appointment to discuss your treatment options with our clinical team. You can meet our wellness experts in our group coaching sessions or in-app workouts. We’re here to answer your questions and offer support.

Symptoms we cover

The Latest


  • What is Stella?
    • Stella is an online clinic for menopause offering personalized menopause care. We provide access to all treatment options including, prescriptions, lifestyle behavior change plans, ongoing clinical support and community through our menopause app.
  • What can I do if I have a question?
    • You can email us at or call (866) 856-2140 Toll Free and we’ll get back to you.
  • Do employers cover the cost of Stella?
    • Yes! Email your HR to see if you are covered. If not, we would love to help. Find out more by visiting and ask them to email us for a demo at
  • Does my insurance cover Stella?
    • If you have a voucher code, we can tell you immediately if you are covered. If you have any questions email
  • Does Stella offer hormone therapy?
    • Yes. Our clinicians will review your symptoms and medical history to determine if hormone therapy is right for you. If yes, a prescription is issued to your preferred pharmacy.
  • How do I make a clinician appointment?
    • Once you complete your assessment, our medical team will review your answers. We will be in touch with the next steps including your treatment options and how to book a telemedicine appointment, if you qualify.
  • What is the Stella app?
    • It is a menopause support app that helps you manage your symptoms including sleep issues, mood changes, weight gain, hot flashes and sweats, brain fog, bladder problems and low libido, plus much more. Stella helps you understand how to improve your health now and in later life. When you download Stella, you get a personalized plan for your specific symptoms, a real-life coach and progress tracking. You get access to hundreds of menopause-specific articles, including stories from women about what worked for them and their experiences. You can also watch yoga, strength training and cardio videos. If you want to relax or regain focus, discover our guided meditations, sleep stories and soundscapes. If you are looking to overhaul your nutrition, choose from our menopause-friendly recipes.
  • Does the Stella app work?
    • Yes. Research shows that 75% of those who complete a Stella plan report improved symptoms. Stella is recommended by menopause specialists.
  • What symptoms does the Stella app support?
    • Stella supports nearly all of the 34 recognised symptoms of menopause, across brain fog, sleep, mood, sex and relationships, weight gain, pelvic floor and hot flashes/night sweats, plus much more.