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Welcome to Stella and free menopause support

As part of our wellbeing package, we are excited to offer colleagues free menopause support through our partnership with Stella.
You now have access to the Stella app and a personalised plan to manage your specific symptoms, access real-life coach support, menopause resources, progress tracking and a supportive community.
Menopause is complex and quality care is important. There are more than 30 menopause symptoms and the combination, severity, frequency and duration are unique to each person.


We know how essential it is to provide expert advice and support to our colleagues during menopause. Partnering with Stella allows us to do this.

Natasha Peacock,
HR Manager

What’s included with Stella?

Articles, stories, community & online Q&A events with experts

Personalised plans

Learn what helps your
specific symptoms

Coach motivation

Chat to a real-life coach
to keep motivated

Immediate help

Meditations to relax, focus
or boost energy

Stella is a menopause support app

Your employer is offering you free access for a year



Stella app is available for iOS and Android

Can an app really help?


of women who complete a Stella plan report improved symptoms


of women say they feel better after using Stella

Symptoms covered by the Stella app


Get a better night’s sleep and feel more rested. Learn how lifestyle choices affect sleep, about sleep scheduling and how to manage negative thoughts.

Symptoms supported

  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Lethargy and feeling tired

Sex & intimacy

Create a sex life that suits their needs.
Learn what affects sex drive and how to feel more turned on, relaxed and connected.

Symptoms supported

  • Low libido
  • Painful sex


Reduce leaks and the urge to pee frequently or urgently. Understand the triggers and how to strengthen their pelvic floor and build core muscles.

Symptoms supported

  • Prolapse
  • Urinary leaking
  • Urinary urgency
  • Urinary voiding issues

Hot flushes & night sweats

Feel more confident and calm. Learn how to deal with them when they strike, why exercise helps and what can help manage stress.

Symptoms supported

  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats


Improve health and feel better. Learn about menopause-friendly nutrition, how to balance blood sugar, be more active and keep motivated.

Symptoms supported

  • Weight gain


Feel more confident and in control at work and home. Learn to regulate emotions and how to keep calm and build resilience when stressed.

Symptoms supported

  • Feeling down
  • Feeling anxious or irritable

Brain health

Understand how hormone changes affect your concentration and memory. Learn to manage brain fog symptoms and which techniques can improve your brain function.

Symptoms supported

  • Brain fog
  • Memory and focus issues

Ready to get started?

Check your intranet for onboarding events

Join our free Understanding Menopause session to learn about symptoms and treatment options. We’re here for your questions!

Download the Stella app

Get a personalised plan for your specific symptoms. From sleep to hot flushes, we have a plan for you.

Get ongoing support

Discover our community with online Q&A events with experts, yoga classes and much more. Struggling? Message your coach.

Thinking about HRT? Talk to our doctors

Book online doctor appointments and get hormone replacement therapy (HRT) through Stella for £30 per month. Find out if HRT is right for you by taking our free online assessment.

What’s covered?

What is covered by the Blaze & Stella partnership?

Access to the Stella app. It uses personalised exercises and psychological techniques to get habits to stick, improving health now and in later life. The app covers sleep issues, brain fog, mood changes, weight gain, hot flushes and sweats, bladder problems and low libido, plus much more.

Inside the app, you can explore articles, exercises, mindfulness meditations, soundscapes, recipes and join our community with live expert Q&As. You can schedule healthy habits and track your progress.

All you need to do is download via the Apple App Store or Google Play and get started!

What symptoms does the Stella app support?

Stella supports nearly all of the 34 recognised symptoms of menopause, across sleep, mood, sex and relationships, brain fog, weight gain, low libido, pelvic floor and hot flushes/night sweats, plus much more.

Can I speak to a doctor?

You will need to upgrade your subscription to access the Stella menopause clinic and to book a doctor’s appointment.

You start with an in-depth online assessment which helps you understand your stage of menopause and get recommended personalised treatment options based on your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle and preferences. Treatments could include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if right for you.

Your subscription includes HRT prescriptions, delivery within five days, online doctor’s appointments with medication review. Online appointments with doctors can be booked to discuss options and there is plenty of time with the doctor to share your experiences and concerns. The first prescription is always for three months and there is a three-month review to see how it’s going.

Can I get HRT with Stella?

Yes, you complete our free online assessment to see your options. If you are eligible, Stella costs £90 for a three-month subscription with our corporate discount while your company is a partner. Your subscription includes talking to one of our doctors for a 20-minute online appointment every three months, your HRT medication and shipping costs, plus access to the Stella menopause support app. All subscriptions are for a minimum of three months.

How qualified are your doctors?

Our doctors are general practitioners (GPs), gynaecologists or doctors with experience and additional training in women’s health.