Stella - User Research Sessions


Stella user research sessions

Tell us your thoughts about Stella in our online sessions and get paid up to $50+. We are constantly evolving the Stella experience and use our organized user research sessions to make sure we meet the unique needs of those going through menopause. 

Who we’re looking for

You don’t need be a Stella subscriber. We’d love to invite you to our user research sessions if you:

  • Are in perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause
  • Are based in the US
  • Have a laptop computer

How it works

Each session is an interview between you and our user research team on Zoom. You’ll be shown new designs and asked questions to get your feedback.

To get started:

  • Fill in the form below to join our user research participant list. (You are not added to any other newsletter database and your data is not shared with third parties)
  • We will email you about upcoming sessions, including how long the session will take and how much you will get paid
  • YYou can choose from the sessions listed and book online
  • Sessions last between 10 min to 45 min

Do I get paid?

YES! You’ll receive cash or gift voucher of your choice via email at the end of the day the session takes place.

Rates range from $12.50 for a quick session to $50+ for longer sessions


Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch…